Wecxsteen et fils
The Wecxsteen & Fils ( WEF ), the first company of the group, is specialized in the export of potatoes and onions to the UK, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Eastern Europe.
Wecxsteen Industrie Potatoes
Potatoes Wecxsteen Industry is a company specialized in the international marketing and export of potatoes for to the processing industry.
Le comptoir du plant
The society Le Comptoir du plant is a company specialized in the marketing of potatoes seeds. It sells all varieties of the market and offers personalized advice to meet all expectations
Wecxsteen Stockage
Stockage of 6.000 tons of potatoes in air-conditioned warehouse.
Grading washes and salt bath treatment .
The varieties

Numerous varieties are marketed by Comptoir du Plant, varieties for the Fresh market or the industry (fries or chips).

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